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We often don’t take the time to really think about the answer. 


In this workshop, unleash your dreams and discover the life you want using creative and practical exercises. From here, we will construct a set of personal actions that will allow you to start working towards that life. With my support, we will clarify and focus on your specific life goals - identifying areas that require attention, helping you create more life balance, success and happiness.


This workshop creates a gentle, safe environment for you to explore your life after cancer.


We explore your present and desired future state. Using creative and practical exercises we create your life vision, exploring change, commitment and gains.


We will construct a set of personal actions that will allow you to start moving towards your life after cancer before ending with a loving kindness meditation.


A space for 4-12 people to come together to allow whatever comes to come. 2 hours once a month. And it's free. We use community spaces which are also free of charge and look to support community discovery.


Each location has 1-3 coaches who facilitate the group and organise for it to happen.  Blank pieces of paper and felt tips are handed out and these then become the meeting minutes. Every one takes whatever is of value for them. 

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